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Technology Cajun Vending


With the ever so changing vending industry, you need a vending company that implements the correct technology at the right time. So, here is a list of the current technology we have.


Credit Card Readers

vending card readerHave you ever walked up to a vending machine and had no cash to buy a snack and/or drink? Well, this does not have to happen to you or your employees anymore. If your current vendor does not have credit cards installed on your machines, Give us a call at 985-851-7172 and we will get you some machines that take both credit and debit cards!




 ISIS Mobile Paymentsvending mobile payment

  • Pay with your NFC enabled phone.
  • No more need to carry cash or a card.
  • Employees always have there phones with them.
  • Even more reasons why your employees do not need to leave work for breaktime.

Remote Machine Monitoring

All of our machines are connected to the internet through cell towers. We know what is in your machine at all times. This enables us to services only the machines that need servicing. Saving our drivers time to better serve you!

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