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Cajun Vending Machines


Snack Machines

snack vending machinenew snack vending machine

We use state of the art snack vending machines. Our snack vendors require at least 50 employees for snack only vending but require 30 employees for both snack and drink vending. All snack vending machines are serviced at least every other week and can be serviced everyday if need be.







Drink Machines


Glassfront Vendors

coke vending machine               pepsi vending machine

With a glassfront drink machine we will be able to provide your employees with a greater variety of beverages. Glassfronts are only placed in climate controlled buildings. They also require 50 employees or anywhere with a great deal of foot traffic.








Stack Drink Machines

coke vending machinecoke vending machine

Stack vendors are great for smaller and larger outdoor locations. As low as 20 employees for a stack machine, but don't let that fool you. A stack vendor can handle 100+ employees as well. In this machine lower selections equal more capacity!